Leaving our Fingerprint on this Earth

The forensic use of fingerprints is a relatively recent development, however, fingerprints have been found in ancient ruins thousands of years old. Potters used fingerprints to mark their wares and used them as “signatures” on clay tablets for commercial purposes. Buried by the sands of time, such fingerprints remained indelible until archaeologists uncovered them.

As impressive as the longevity of human fingerprints are, there is a different kind of fingerprint that is much more important, the fingerprint of our life, that we leave behind. Like our physical fingerprints that are soon gone, such may be the case with our lives if we live concerned only with ourselves and the present physical things of this earth. After we are gone, our lives may be soon forgotten with no lasting value. But we have the opportunity to live in such a way that we can make a difference for all eternity.

Just as physical fingerprints are unique to each individual, the people and causes we touch for Christ in this life will be unique to each of us. No one has your physical fingerprints; neither can anyone leave the mark on this world that you can. No one else has your gifts and abilities; no one has your calling; no one has the specific mix of friends and family that you have. And most importantly, no one will receive the guidance from the Holy Spirit that you will receive in terms of touching this world and making a difference in the lives around you for eternity. 

Just as your fingerprint is unique, you are unique in God’s kingdom. There are certain lives that only you can touch in your unique way to affect them for eternity. We each have the opportunity to leave our fingerprint on every person, every place, every circumstance, and every event as we go through life if we look beyond ourselves to the eternal.

How do we leave our fingerprints in this world in an eternal way? By reaching out and touching, changing, loving, and encouraging those we encounter in this world. When we leave the presence of others, let us leave behind an imprint of the love of God in Christ. Let us leave behind an indelible mark that people will never forget; a mark that, though unseen physically, will remain for eternity.


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