Hanna’s Story

Hope Shack

I’m sharing Hanna’s Story, written in her own words.  She’s a teenage girl that wants to tell you her tale.    I’m so grateful for a God that continues to rescue us one by one.  – Christina

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Shared via: my name is Hanna, here is my testimony.

So, here’s to my story and starting a new place to dwell and share my thoughts on my faith, feelings, and life experiences in general. I’m Hanna, a soft spoken teenage girl with a growing love for God and a past that I’d rather talk about and accept than bottle up and keep within. I live in a small town in Texas that I just recently moved to after a pretty heart and gut wrenching event. After about a year of living in hotel to hotel with my mother & stepfather, they were arrested and my little half-sister and I were taken…

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