This site is all about sharing the word of God and helping others have a closer and more eminent walk with the Lord. There are many subjects that are too lengthy and complex to be discussed during a Sunday morning sermon. On this website I try to cover those topics and more.

Here are some examples of the large variety of subjects discussed on this website:

  • Stories of angels and miracles.
  • What will heaven really be like?
  • Archaeology – proving the scriptures.
  • Outdoor Tales with a Godly twist.
  • Hope Shack – stories of hope for those who have no hope.
  • Jesus – proof He lived, was crucified, died, and rose again.
  • The Bible – proof that it is the divine word of God.
  • Noah and the Flood – it really did happen.
  • The Bible VS Evolution Theory
  • Does God hear your prayers?
  • Plus much more!

Questions or topic requests? Select ‘Contact Info’ from the menu at the top of your screen and drop me a line!

Thanks for visiting and God bless.

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