About The Author

 I have been a builder and business owner most of my life. I have built everything from garages to commercial buildings. My last business was a log home manufacturing company. None of of which qualifies me to write a christian book.

    Thankfully, there is more to my life than what I did to earn a living. I had the good fortune to grow up in a christian home. I owe much of my relationship with God to my saintly mother, who made sure we were in church anytime the doors were open. At the age of eight I gave my life to God. I wish that I could say that I lived the perfect Godly life, but the truth is there were many ups and downs. Fortunately God never gave up on me.

    As a teenager I led the youth group at our local church. Later I taught a sunday school class. It seems like I was always teaching a class of some sort. At one point it was a teen group and another time a men’s group. I always enjoyed studying and teaching the Bible. But the turning point in my life happened about twenty years ago when I got serious and asked God to give me a hunger for his word. Never would I have dreamed how God would honor that request. Since that time I have been completely through the Bible at least thirty times. I found that I have a passion for studying and researching the scriptures. I typically read about a book a week, besides the Bible, and have learned much from some great christian authors, especially those from the past.

    Over the years of teaching, I have learned that there are several topics in the Bible that even christians know very little about. These are subjects that simply do not get taught in church. Subjects that don’t lend themselves to a sunday morning sermon. Sometimes because of content, but more often because of the length and depth required to teach them. Several years ago I began teaching these in a home Bible study and found a very receptive audience. Subjects such as the end time events; what is heaven really like; proof that Jesus lived, was crucified and rose again; and many more.

    Eventually it was suggested that I should put these into a book. This I did last year, when I published my first book “Things You Probably Didn’t Learn in Church”.  The response has been very encouraging.

     In the last few years there has been considerable written by the evolutionary science community from the standpoint that a global flood never happened. This has taken place even in the face of considerable evidence proving a past global flood. In my current book I am writing, Noah’s Flood: The Proof and Effects of It,” I hope to counter this by providing evidence of a creation by an omnipotent God, a global flood as God’s judgement of a sinful world, what the earth was like before the flood, and the effects on the earth by a catastrophic worldwide flood.
    Nearly everyone on the planet knows about the story of Noah and the flood. But, very few people, even in the christian community have put much thought into the actual event and what it involved. Such as, what was the earth like before the flood, what was involved in the actual flood, the effect it had upon the geology of the earth and why in the coming days, it is important to know what they believe.