The Pecking Order

Hope Shack

Hope Shack (8)

Have you ever watched chickens chase each other around the coop?  The pecking order is something that is very important within the chicken community.  If new chickens get introduced there is always a struggle for a while until a new pecking order is established.

The older group of chickens already seem to have a routine and an order in which they function, but when new birds are brought into the flock there is a lot of fighting and jockeying for position.  Some birds will become dominant and those birds most often go to the top of the roost while the others take a spot closer to the floor.

With those birds on top it becomes very important for them to exert their continued dominance over the flock.  I have watched as some birds sit at the top of the coop even when the others are out enjoying a feast roaming…

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