Did God Create a Mature Earth?

reprinted from my book “Noah’s Flood, The Proof and Effects of It” (not published yet)


Did God create a mature earth?   Did God create a new earth, or did he create a mature earth. A mature earth would contain all the necessary minerals and elements including natural radiation, that scientists claim is the result of the combination of the breakdown of minerals over long periods of time. The rocks would show signs of age. Possibly there would even be coal and oil reserves. There would be salt reserves. The salt being deposited today in no way compares to the quality or amount that we have from a past era. We know that God created mature plant life. He did not simply create seeds and bulbs. The Bible tells us that he created the birds of the air. They were not eggs or baby birds unable to fly, they were full grown adult birds. We know that he created mature animals, as well as the fish in the seas. There is no mention in Genesis that there was anything created that was juvenile in nature. God created Adam and Eve as adults, with adult knowledge and abilities. The Bible seems to indicate that thirty is the time when a person becomes fully adult. This was the age that Jesus started preaching and it is the age when the human body is normally its strongest. The Levites were to be thirty years old to work in the temple. David and Saul were both thirty years of age when they became king. Joseph was thirty when Pharaoh put him in charge under him. If you were to meet Adam and Eve on the seventh day of creation, you would naturally assume that they were approximately thirty years old. However, you would be terribly mistaken for Adam and Eve would in reality only be one day old.

    Did God create a mature earth? Are scientists looking to unravel the history of a brand new earth that in reality never existed? Just as it would be impossible to go back to Adam’s and Eve’s baby years, it would also be impossible to go back to when the earth was new, if God had created a mature earth at the very start.

    When God finished creating the heaven and earth and the universe, God looked at all that he had made and said it was very good. God had created the perfect environment for man to reside in, for he had created the earth and all that was in it for man. Therefore, God would have created a mature earth. An earth with all the necessary elements, not only for man’s survival, but also for his pleasure.

    God created a earth that is rotating at the right speed to support life. An earth that has the correct amount of oxygen and hydrogen. The sun is the correct distance from the earth and the gravitational pull is compatible with man. If any of these were to change as little as five to ten percent, life would not be possible.  

    God did not create a faint sun, one that was all hydrogen and no helium, as a new sun would be. This would be out of character with his perfect creation. He would have created a mature sun with the right amount of helium to ensure that the climate on earth was pleasant for mankind.

    Did God create the enormous coal, oil, and salt reserves, when he created the earth, knowing there would be a time in the future when man would need them? Think of the heat, electricity and other services that is possible because of the coal deposits. Even more important is the gas and oil reserves. Oil has made possible the automobile, aircraft, and so much more. Our lives would certainly not be the same or as easy without oil. Did a gracious God foresee our use for oil? If not, then the catastrophic events of the Flood would be the only other time since creation when such huge amounts of vegetation and marine animals could have been buried to create the abundance of coal and oil that our daily lives depend on.

    We have no way to know what stage of development the earth was in when God created it. We do know that God said it was very good. Therefore it was the perfect environment for man. It was the perfect place for man to reside. I bring this up as simply food for thought. It is one of those things we will never know the answer to until we get to heaven. If God had wanted to create a mature earth, he certainly could have. He is the Omnipotent Creator and there is no limit to what he can do.


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