An Angel Story


A pastor friend of ours, teenage son Tim, was in a very bad automobile accident. He was in a coma and not expected to live. The doctors said if he did live he would have severe brain damage. But God in His wonderful mercy healed him completely and today he is a pastor himself.

Tim was however in the hospital for quite some time. His parents spent every minute that was possible with him at the hospital. Eventually the day came when Tim was able to leave the hospital. But before he left he wanted to say goodbye to Mr. Smith.

“Who is Mr. Smith” his parents asked?

Tim replied, “he is an old man that always came and set with me when nobody else was there”

They asked at the nurses station about Mr. Smith. You probably already guessed, there was no Mr. Smith that worked or volunteered at the hospital. Just another example of one of God’s ministering spirits in the form of an old man.

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