A Long Shot

Hope Shack

a-long-shotMy first deer I shot with a bow, was at a distance that would have been a better shot for a rifle. Before I tell you how long the shot was. I want to give you some background. That way you will understand why such a shot was even taken.

I have shot a bow for a long as I can remember. I made my first bow, with my dad’s help, from ash saplings. After that came solid fiberglass bows, and wood longbows. In the early 60’s I purchased a Bear Grizzly recurve bow. It was a vast improvement over my previous bows. I shot this bow for several years.

Where I grew up in Indiana, there were very few deer in those days. My hunting was mostly confined to small game. Bowhunting was not a common sport then. It seemed that archery was more of a shooting sport, rather…

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