When we Don’t Get what we Deserve

Hope Shack

There were only three ways out: insanity, incarceration, or the grave.”– excerpt fromScott’s Story

“And I could just remember looking at my mother’s face and seeing the disgust and the shame. ” -excerpt fromFamily Restored

”I was now risking everything in my life. Self-respect, family, friendships, reputation, and trust. All for some fantasy life.” – excerpt fromJohn’s Story

“I had really messed up. I didn’t deserve His help. Guilt and shame nowcompounded the hurtand loss that I already felt. ” -excerpt fromHope? Nope. All out of That.

Many of us have a rescue story like these refernced here. Mine is one of them. Some are more dramatic that others, telling of the damage we’ve caused or pain we have endured, and some are simpler redirects to bring us back from traveling the wrong path. All require some level of surrender on our…

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