How Did All the Animals Fit in the Ark?


Animals in the Ark (1)

Critics of the Bible and the worldwide flood like to make the statement that all the different species of creatures would never be able to fit into the Ark. This statement shows that they really don’t know much about the Flood, and second, they have no idea how big the Ark really was.

There have been estimates by those who wish to discredit the Biblical flood account, that the number of animals supposedly on the Ark would have been in the millions, and therefore it couldn’t have happened. These type of estimates of the number of animals are not only wrong, but they border on the absurd, by people who simply don’t know the scriptures or more often just wish to disprove the Flood account.
    Notice that the scriptures say “kinds” of animals, not species. For instance, there was two of the dog family, two of the pig family, two of the horse family and so on. In the thousands of years since the flood, the animals that were aboard the Ark could easily have diversified into the varieties that we know today.
     There were seven of each of the clean animals. However, there were comparatively few animals that were classified as clean.
     There have been more reasonable estimates of the number of animals on the ark ranging from 15,000 to 35,000. Of these, there are very few really large animals, and very young animals could have represented these. It is conceivable that many animals aboard the Ark were young animals. Even if they were all adult animals and they numbered 35,000, there would have been more than adequate space for them.
    Naval architects made up a scale model of the Ark and determined that it would certainly be large enough to hold a pair of each kind of animal, bird, and insect we have today, as well as Noah and his family, and a vast food supply.

The Ark was an enormous vessel, with the three decks it had a combined area of 101,250 square feet and a capacity of over one and a half million cubic feet. It was a ship of over 43,000 tons, and nearly equal in size to the Titanic. The Ark’s actual cubic volume and tonnage were not exceeded until the arrival of the oil supertankers.
     To care for thousands of animals would have been a daunting task for eight people, even when we consider that the animals were inactive and would require much less food than normal. We have to believe that the omnipotent God had a hand in the care of his creatures. It is possible that they were in a semi-dormant state or a type of hibernation.
     The entire Noachian Flood was a supernatural event, and the gathering and care of the animals were simply part of God’s plan.

Noah and the Great Flood: Proof and Effects,

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