A Fairy Tale


A long, long time ago there was absolutely nothing. And then, out of nowhere, the universe just brought itself into being. Miraculously, conditions were just right for a micro speck of goo within a puddle of goo to suddenly spring to life. I know that the proven scientific Law of Biogenesis states that this is impossible, but this is a fairly tale and anything is possible.

This speck over millions and millions of years eventually evolved into a fish. This fish met a fish of the opposite sex, and they had more fish. I wonder where another fish of the opposite sex came from? But, this is a fairy tale, and with fairy tales and theories anything is possible. According to evolutionists, given enough time, anything is possible. That is why it is so important to them that the earth is billions of years old. Research has shown that the statistical probability of forming even a single enzyme, the building block of the gene, which is, in turn, the building block of the cell, is 1 in 10 to the 40,000th. This means that it would require more attempts for the formation of one enzyme than there are atoms in all the stars of all the galaxies in the entire known universe. Yet, evolutionist not only believes this happened but that it happened more than once. That is the beauty of theories and fairly tales. You can make up anything! And someone will probably believe it!

After a few million more years this fish decided it wanted to live on land. So it began to stick its head out of the water and gulp air. After a few more millions of years, it developed lungs instead of gills. Then it decided to climb out of the water and walk on land using its fins as legs. After a few more millions of years, its fins eventually turned into legs. I wonder how it survived all those millions of years before it got legs? With fins, it would have been very difficult and slow to get around. Other creatures would have been extremely rare if any existed. What did it eat? Maybe it ate grass. No, there was no grass yet. Oh well, it’s just a fairy tale.

After a billion years or so, this fish evolved into a dinosaur. I know, the scientific First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics proves this cannot happen. But, this is just a theory, I mean fairy tale. Supposedly some dinosaurs weighed up to 100 metric tons. What would an animal that size evolve from? There was no other creature even close for it to descend from.

Eventually, the dinosaur decided it wanted to fly. Its front legs slowly began to evolve into wings. So for a million years or so, the dinosaur went through life with two bad front legs as they were changing. And then for millions of more years it had lived with two bad wings before they eventually became real functional wings. During these millions of years the dinosaur’s bones become hollow, it grew feathers, and it completely changed its DNA. It was now a bird and could fly.

Let’s go back to the fish with legs. After billions of years, it turned into all kinds of marvelous creatures. One of these creatures was a monkey. After millions and millions of more years, this monkey learned to walk upright and became a man. And this is why evolutionists to this very day believe they came from a monkey’s uncle.

Those that believe in evolution instead of creation say the Bible stories are just fairy tales. They couldn’t be real. They always use Jonah and the whale as an example. They are not willing to believe that a whale could swallow a man and spit him out three days later. But, they willingly believe the fairy tale of evolution. They refuse to believe in the virgin birth. Is it harder to believe that the Holy Spirit could implant a seed in a woman and that she would give birth than it is to believe that life just spontaneously happened out of nothing? 

I believe it takes much more faith to believe how a state of absolute nothingness can bring about intelligent processes and results than it does to believe in an omnipotent God that created all things and is responsible for the intelligent design of the universe. I realize that those that don’t know Jesus have never experienced his presence. And that he hides from those that rejects him and believe themselves wise in the ways of the world (Mt. 11:25, Lk. 10:21). Many would much rather believe that the Bible is all old myths and ancient stories. They prefer to believe that God doesn’t exist, rather than believe there is a God that will someday judge them for their sins. 

They claim the Bible is a book of fairy tales, Yet they believe the biggest (lie) fairy tale of all. 

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