Ashleigh’s Story

Hope Shack

This is Asheigh’s Story, shared below, and written in her own words.  Fear can be crippling and immobilizing.   She knows this side of fear, and she tells us of how His perfect love drove it out.   Many of our readers will relate to the moments she describes.   There is hope, and you are not alone.  Read on…


Ashleigh’s Story

This year my life changed. I have always been desperately passionate about Christ. I have had struggles, but not like the kind that have faced me this year . . .but I guess I did ask for it.

Just after New Year I spoke to the Lord and said, ‘’Lord, I am stagnant. You know I have always wanted you deeply. You know I am here willing to serve you, but I am just living. I want to go even deeper into you. I want to keep growing…

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