The Power of a Heaven-sent Dream and “JESUS”

Another Miracle Story from the Jesus Film Project

It was Sunday morning, when Mike’s mom shared the amazing dream she had the night before. In the dream, Jesus handed her an envelope as he told her, “The contents of this envelope will not only change your life but change the lives of many to come.”

Mike’s parents were Iranian refugees with no knowledge of Jesus, so it was hard to believe she saw Him in a dream.

She finished recounting the dream, and with tears streaming down her face she told her son, “I want to go to church!”

Mike remembers the moment:
“I argued, ‘Mom, you are not from that religion, we can’t go to church!’ but she insisted. We went and during the church service visitors were asked to stand. They welcomed us and handed my mother an envelope! My mom’s knees began to shake. She sat down and she started bawling. Inside the envelope was a New Testament and a ‘JESUS’ film. She just sat there in tears. Once we were home, she watched the video many times. She locked herself in a room for a week. When she came out, mom was transformed. Later, all of us came to know the Lord!”

Today, Mike leads one of the premier Christian television ministries that is reaching all of Iran, via satellite. Tens of thousands have come to Christ. And it began with a dream, a New Testament, and a copy of the film “JESUS.”

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