Timeclock Perspective

Hope Shack

How do you start your workday?

Do you punch a clock or use a timesheet?  A timeclock often triggers the start of a workday and sets the time spent on the job apart from the rest of our day.   How we approach our time to clock-in can be affected by how we feel about the working conditions, our bosses, or what’s going on at home.  What if we pause for a second to ask ourselves, How does our work fit into  God’s big pictureof our life?  There are some tools that we have available to us as followers of Jesus Christ that can impact how we approach the start of our day.  Equipped with these tools, we can expand our “timeclock perspective” into something much richer and more meaningful.   Imagine, if you will, feeling a real sense of purpose and value as we start our day.  As we dig into this, let’s look at a passage…

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