Start with a Song

Hope Shack

Hope Shack (4)Every morning, when the weather is agreeable, I start my day on my front porch.  I grab a hot cup of coffee and my devotional journal then I sit in my favorite chair to greet the day.  This spring a house wren moved into a nesting box in the tree near my front porch.  Each morning as I begin my day, I now have a very cheerful neighbor who is also beginning her day.

One thing I learned form this tiny little wren was the way she greeted the day, with a song.  Every morning she hops up on her roof and sings and sings.  It made me think about when my children were young, I always woke them up with a happy song.  Then I thought why have I stopped singing every morning?IMG_0537

We’ve all heard the birds sing in the morning, but not all of them wake up singing.  The…

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