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Leaving our Fingerprint on this Earth

The forensic use of fingerprints is a relatively recent development, however, fingerprints have been found in ancient ruins thousands of years old. Potters used fingerprints to mark their wares and used them as “signatures” on clay tablets for commercial purposes. Buried by the sands of time, such fingerprints remained indelible until archaeologists uncovered them.

As impressive as the longevity of human fingerprints are, there is a different kind of fingerprint that is much more important, the fingerprint of our life, that we leave behind. Like our physical fingerprints that are soon gone, such may be the case with our lives if we live concerned only with ourselves and the present physical things of this earth. After we are gone, our lives may be soon forgotten with no lasting value. But we have the opportunity to live in such a way that we can make a difference for all eternity.

Just as physical fingerprints are unique to each individual, the people and causes we touch for Christ in this life will be unique to each of us. No one has your physical fingerprints; neither can anyone leave the mark on this world that you can. No one else has your gifts and abilities; no one has your calling; no one has the specific mix of friends and family that you have. And most importantly, no one will receive the guidance from the Holy Spirit that you will receive in terms of touching this world and making a difference in the lives around you for eternity. 

Just as your fingerprint is unique, you are unique in God’s kingdom. There are certain lives that only you can touch in your unique way to affect them for eternity. We each have the opportunity to leave our fingerprint on every person, every place, every circumstance, and every event as we go through life if we look beyond ourselves to the eternal.

How do we leave our fingerprints in this world in an eternal way? By reaching out and touching, changing, loving, and encouraging those we encounter in this world. When we leave the presence of others, let us leave behind an imprint of the love of God in Christ. Let us leave behind an indelible mark that people will never forget; a mark that, though unseen physically, will remain for eternity.

The Nine O’clock Wind

By Pastor Neil Kenyon, Salem, IN.

One of the things I cherish is the memory of the frequent fishing trips with my dad while I was growing up.  Knowingly or unknowingly, my dad would teach me things that, as I grow in Christ, connect with the spiritual teachings of my Heavenly Father.

One such teaching involved using an anchor to hold the boat steady over the fishing hole. Dad called it, “The Nine O’clock Wind.” As we prepared for the fishing trip dad would say, “We need to be ready for the Nine O’clock Wind,”  as he loaded the heavy concrete block, tied to a strong rope, we used for an anchor.

The Nine O’clock Wind was in reference to the wind that would oftentimes come up during our fishing trips. Inevitability, it seemed, just when we had found a good fishing spot, the wind would whistle in and drift us away – as often as not, the wind seemed to be strongest at 9:00 AM! And so, we always prepared for the nine O’clock Wind!

I have found, as a child of God, that I need to be prepared for the Nine O’clock Wind! It seems that at the moment things are just right in my spiritual fishing trip, the Nine O’clock Wind whistles in. The gales are often very strong and include gusts of:  too busy, too tired, Laziness, let someone else, why me, I can’t, I’d rather not, you’re not ready, I don’t understand, etc.  In addition, there are the boisterous bursts of doubt, discouragement, anger, pride, and selfishness that push against me, trying to drive me away from my relationship with Christ.

And so, I have in my boat, an Anchor which holds me steady against the Nine O’clock Wind. That Anchor is “The Word!”

As you prepare for your fishing trip, don’t forget to prepare for the Nine O’clock Wind

We need to stay near the anchor that stabilizes our lives, ready to grip it tightly when the winds blow. We can’t sink when we’re holding to the anchor, and we can’t be lost when gripping it. When we anchor ourselves in Christ and His word, our faith cannot be shaken.

“This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast, and which enters the Presence behind the veil.” (Hebrews 6:19) NKJV

Salvation — Free or Priceless?

The value of most things is determined by the price paid for them. If someone paid a million dollars for let us say, a rare painting, and gave it as a gift to you for free, would its value be less because it was free to you? No, it would still be worth a million dollars because that was the value placed on it when the person paid a million dollars for it.

   Sin was a debt that we could not pay. Christ paid a debt He didn’t owe. God paid for our sin with the life of his Son, Jesus. Then he offered salvation, eternal life to us for free, all we have to do is accept it. Should we treat God’s offer for eternal life lightly, just because it’s free to us? God paid the ultimate price, the value was set with the blood of Christ on the cross. The Son of God, the one who created all things, (Colossians 1:16), paid with his life, that you and I may have eternal life. It is a priceless gift that we can never repay.

If you don’t know the Lord. If you don’t have a personal relationship with Jesus, He is waiting with your free gift of salvation. All you have to do is ask Him!

Thank You, Jesus!

Being Christ-Like

As Christians, our greatest desire should be to be more like Jesus. How do we do that? By surrendering our lives to Him. By making God’s will more important to us than our own desires. As we strive to do this we will find our own desires being more in line with God’s desire for us. We will experience the love of Christ flowing through us.

When asked what was most important, Jesus replied, “To love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind…The second is to love your neighbor as yourself.”

God is love. His nature is love. It is impossible for Him, not to love. He loved us so much that He gave His son, Jesus Christ, to die a horribly painful death to save us. He did this while we were sinners. We certainly didn’t deserve it. Jesus loves all of us. He loves us when we are unlovable. He loves the worst of sinners, people who we think are unlovable and don’t deserve God’s love are still loved by God. He doesn’t love the sin in their lives, in fact, He hates their sin, but He loves them. 

We have all heard love the sinner, hate the sin. This is very hard to do, it seems impossible; it is only possible for us when we allow the love of Christ to flow through us. When we surrender our own will and seek to do God’s will, we will find God’s love flowing through us naturally, without even thinking about it.

If we want to be more Christ-like, we must love those we may not like. We don’t have to like or accept their lifestyle, their behavior, what they stand for, or even their religion. We may not like to be near them or listen to them, but we need to love them as a creation of God. If we do this, we will find that we are becoming more concerned about their salvation and where they will spend eternity. We are becoming more Christ-like.    Love others.

The Value of a Dime

By pastor Neil Kenyon, Salem, IN.

I have been thinking about my dad (Geoffrey Kenyon) this morning.

The way we respond to the things we encounter, good or bad, big or small, sets an example for someone. Sometimes, it is the way we respond to the small things that make the biggest impression.

My dad was one who taught me and my sisters, not so much by what he said, but by what he did – the way he lived. He set the right example for us. I remember one of those lessons clearly and have written it below. I use it often in my preaching, it set such a lasting example and standard for me. I call this living parable from my dad, “the Value of a Dime.”


Satan’s Greatest Tool

One of Satan’s primary tools to use against us is discouragement.

Bill Anderson told the story about the day the devil decided to go out of business. He decided to have a sale in which he would sell off the tools of his trade.

“On the night of the sale, the devil’s tools were all attractively displayed. Malice, hate, jealousy, greed, sensuality, and deceit were among them. To the side lay a harmless wedge-shaped tool, which had been used much more than any of the rest.

Someone asked the devil, What’s that? Its priced so high.
The devil answered, That’s discouragement.

But why is it priced so much higher than all the other tools? the onlooker persisted.

Because, replied the devil, with that tool I can pry open and get inside a person’s consciousness when I couldn’t get near him with any of the others. Once discouragement gets inside, I can let all the other tools do their work.”

    How do we fight against the devil’s tactics? By being aware of his attempts to discourage us and refusing to accept them. Whether we are discouraged in our church, our job or in our own personal lives, it is never a good thing, and we can be certain Satan is probably behind it. I’m not saying that every time you get discouraged Satan is behind it, but the odds are very good that he is. The next time you’re discouraged; examine the reason you’re discouraged, you might be surprised.

Discouragement comes from the devil.
Discouragement never comes from God. (more…)

What’s Coming Next?

What’s Coming Next?

As we look around us, with the Coronavirus Pandemic going on we see people living in fear and anxiety and looking to the goverments for answers. If a virus can cause such panic in the world, imagine how it will be when the anticipated rapture happens. (All prophecies to be fulfilled before the rapture has taken place; the rapture is the next prophetic event to occur.) Millions of people will suddenly be gone. Those that don’t recognize it as the rapture will be looking for answers. They will be looking to their country’s leaders for guidance. With the different governments enacting controls on their people with this virus, it is easy to see how the world governments could come together to solve the problems the rapture will cause and when one man (The Antichrist) will seem to have the answers, he will be pushed into the spotlight.


Do you have questions about the future? I published a book last year where I addressed the prophecies and world events that led us to where we are today and what is coming next. “The Rapture: Coming Soon,” I priced it as low as Amazon would allow me. The e-book is only $.99 cents and the paperback is $4.99. All profits from my books go to The Jesus Film Project. I do not write for profit, but to serve God and hopefully help people have a closer walk with the Lord..

God Bless

Basic Christianity: Living a joy filled life and making a difference


The Christian Life should not be a burden, nor should one feel like it is a duty or obligation. Living the Christian life should be an absolute joy even when facing life’s difficulties.

This book is basic enough to equip the new Christian, yet deep enough that all will benefit from it. It will answer your questions and strengthen your faith. It is like fourteen books in one, covering topics like:

  1. Proof the Bible is God’s divine word, true and accurate.
  2. Proof Jesus lived, was crucified, and rose again.
  3. You can know for sure you are going to heaven.
  4. All about angels.
  5. Satan, demons, and the invisible war.
  6. Living a joy filled life.
  7. Understanding and living in God’s grace.
  8. The significance of the blood.
  9. Love – the greatest mark of a Christian.
  10. Understanding the Trinity.
  11. What will heaven be like?
  12. Daniel’s amazingly accurate prophecies.
  13. The Great Commission.
  14. The absolute power of prayer!

Profit from this book goes to support the Jesus Film Ministry.  

Part 4 – Supernatural Facts of The Bible


Supernatural Facts of the Bible proving the Scriptures were God inspired

The Ark’s design was thousands of years ahead of its time. (Genesis 6:14-16) The Ark was to be 450 feet long, 75 feet wide, and 45 feet high. It was to have three decks with a combined area of 101,250 square feet, and a capacity of over one and a half million cubic feet. It was a vessel of over 43,000 tons, and nearly equal in size to the Titanic.

 In 1609 a Holland company built a ship after the pattern of the Ark. It revolutionized the shipbuilding industry. Today most ships are still built to similar proportions. There is no way that Noah would have had the knowledge to build the Ark, without the divine instructions from God. The vessel that Noah built was very different and much larger than boats of that era. The boats of Noah’s time were small flat-bottomed boats powered by oars or a combination of oars and a fixed sail.

 In comparison, the Ark that Noah built would be much closer in design and size to the Titanic, than to the boats of his time.  (more…)