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Things You Probably Didn’t Learn in Church

This book is based on Bible studies that I conducted over the last few years. It covers several subjects that often are not taught in Church, simply because of the time needed to adequately cover them. Subjects such as:

  • The end time events explained in an easy to understand format. The countdown has begun. Learn what comes next, the signs to look for and what you need to know to be ready.
  • What will Heaven really be like? The Bible reveals to us what heaven will be like. Yet it will be much different than most people think. Heaven will be an exciting and wonderful place.
  • Proof that Jesus lived was crucified and rose again. Learn what the secular writers and historians of Jesus’s day wrote about him.
  • All about angels. Learn the hierarchy of angels. How they are involved in our daily lives. Do we have our own guardian angel?
  • Satan, his demons, and the invisible spiritual battle. Broken marriages, depression, suicide,  divided churches, divided families, and doubts about God are the result of the spiritual war being waged against our families and us.
  • Proof the Bible is the divine word of God. Over 100,000 archaeological discoveries have documented the scriptures. There are over 2500 prophecies that have been fulfilled. The Bible contained wisdom and advanced knowledge about nature, prophecy, medical, sanitation, and science. A knowledge that was thousands of years ahead of its time.
  • Do you know if you are going to heaven? You can know for sure. The Bible is very specific about it.
  • Plus much more…..

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Comments:   5-star reviews on Amazon

“Very well written. Easy to understand.” Cheryl Crippin

“Very well written and easy to understand. It brings the truth of the scripture to light in a way that is precise, well thought out, and written in a way that we have given the book to others as a witnessing tool. Truth and accuracy about things happening in the world today, and what is expected to happen in the last days is well described in this book.” Becky Hoath

“It his well researched and things I had not heard in a while it gives you a spiritual up lift” Kermit Garner

“Jerry Blount’s book Things You Probably Didn’t Learn In Church explains things very clearly and backed up by a lot of scripture. It’s a very encouraging book. One thing I liked about it was that, when it was talking about what will happen when the world ends, the book didn’t try to stir up fear, but instead, shared practical, helpful things we can do about how to deal with what’s going on then. Like “here’s what we know, and here’s what to do about it.” The book also addressed a lot of common questions and misconceptions.

I think the part I liked best was the section about angels, where it explains different kinds of angels, what they do, and what that means for us. I took this book with me on a 3-day backpacking trip in the Smoky Mountains (because it weighed slightly less than another book I was reading). That’s where I was when I read the section on how angels protect us, and that’s what I was thinking about a little while later when I walked within a few feet of a black bear on the trail. What I had just read helped me to trust God’s ability to keep me alive.” John Lindley

Noah and the Great Food” 

proof and effects 

The apostle Peter warned us that in the last days there would be a new philosophy that would deny a worldwide flood, creation and the coming judgment by fire. Today we see this taking place exactly as Peter had predicted.

I realize I am not a scientist. However, I have brought together the findings of geologists, biologists, microbiologists, paleontologists, paleobotanists, astronomers, physicists, astrophysicists, biophysicists geochronologists and many other experts to prove that the Bible is 100% accurate.

This book provides proof of a Biblical worldwide flood and backs it up with geological data. The information in this book offers evidence of creation by an omnipotent God and a global flood as God’s judgment of a sinful world. It provides evidence as to what the earth was like before the flood. It was a world, that after creation God had declared very good. Even after the fall of man, it was still paradise compared with the world we know today. The effects of catastrophic worldwide flood changed this planet drastically.

This book also offers extensive proof that disproves the theory of evolution. New scientific discoveries are showing that evolution is impossible. Also contained in this book is considerable scientific evidence, showing that the earth is only a few thousand years old. This book may go against much of the popular scientific views of today, but it does so with the evidence to back it.

The Bible gave us the history as well as the future of this world. The scientific and geological data that is available today fits well within that Biblical framework. In fact, it fits within the Biblical framework much better than any theories the evolutionary community has come up with, as this book will show.

“Noah and the Great Flood is written in a reader-friendly way. Even though the subject can be complex, Jerry presents it in a very believable and understandable way. I recommend this book for students of all ages. Preachers will quote it, scientists who read it with an open mind will learn to challenge what has been accepted as knowledge because of it, and readers from all walks of life will be challenged to take a deeper look at the wonderful world we live in, and the God who created it all.”                                                                                                       Respectfully, Dr. Douglas Carr

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