Angels in the War

I find it interesting that there are so many accounts of angels coming to the aid of allied forces against the Germans in World War One. Here are just a couple:

 Near Mons, France where outnumbered British troops had been fighting for days without relief. Defeat seemed inevitable when firing on both
sides suddenly stopped. British troops saw “four or five wonderful beings, much bigger than men,” between themselves and the Germans. These men were bare-headed, wore white robes and seemed to float rather than stand. Their backs were to the British and their arms and hands were outstretched toward the Germans. The horses ridden by German cavalrymen became terrified and stampeded off in every direction.

 In another battle later in the war, British soldiers were surrounded by German troops and matters seemed hopeless. Suddenly everything grew strangely quiet. Then “the sky opened with a bright shining light, and figures of luminous beings appeared between the British and German lines.” German troops retreated in disorder, allowing the Allied forces to reform. German prisoners captured that day, were asked why they surrendered, they said “But there were hosts and hosts of you!”

Taken from “Things You Probably Didn’t Learn in Church”

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