Leya’s Story

Hope Shack

bikeSimple and sweet, Leya tells the tale of her dissatisfaction with life, loss of hope and depression.    Then she shares how she found hope.  Here is her story, shared on her behalf.

An account of my journey to redemption.

Source: The Storm before The Rainbow

Dating back to my pre-teen years,I was dissatisfied with my life and myself. I felt inadequate because of the standards the society around me placed. And so I was unhappy. This lead me on a pursuit of happiness, I tried so many things from boys,alcohol to numerous self-help books and articles I could find. But all was in vain,these things only gave me short term satisfaction.

By the end of 2014,I was still battling with depression and it only seemed to be getting worse. I was frustrated because I felt I had exhausted all my options.

I decided to try something new and that…

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