Month: May 2017

Noah and the Great Flood

Noah and The Great Flood Cover

There has been a lot of claims in recent years that the Biblical flood was only a local flood. Geological evidence, however, proves it was a worldwide flood.

New scientific evidence proves the earth is less than 10,000 years old. Not 4.6 billion years as evolutionists claim.

There is a lot of evidence that has been suppressed or ignored that man, the mammals, and dinosaurs lived on the earth at the same time.

The Ark had the largest cubic volume of storage of any vessel until the oil supertankers came along.

God’s Marvelous Grace

old sailing shipThere is a wonderful illustration of the nature of grace in the life of John Newton. John Newton had been raised in a Christian home in England in his very early years. But he was orphaned at the age of six and lived with a non-Christian relative. There Christianity was mocked, and the young boy was persecuted. At last, to escape the conditions at home, Newton ran away to sea and became an apprentice seaman in the British Navy. He served in the Navy for some time. At last, he deserted and ran away to Africa. He tells in his own words that he went there for just one purpose: and that was “to sin his fill.”

In Africa, he joined forces with a Portuguese slave trader, and in his home, he was very cruelly treated. At times the slave trader went away on expeditions, and the young man was left in the charge of the slave trader’s African wife, the head of his harem. She hated all white men and took out her hatred on Newton. He tells that she exercised such power in her husband’s absence that he was compelled to eat his food off the dusty floor like a dog. (more…)

The Power of a Heaven-sent Dream and “JESUS”

Another Miracle Story from the Jesus Film Project

It was Sunday morning, when Mike’s mom shared the amazing dream she had the night before. In the dream, Jesus handed her an envelope as he told her, “The contents of this envelope will not only change your life but change the lives of many to come.”

Mike’s parents were Iranian refugees with no knowledge of Jesus, so it was hard to believe she saw Him in a dream.

She finished recounting the dream, and with tears streaming down her face she told her son, “I want to go to church!”

Mike remembers the moment:
“I argued, ‘Mom, you are not from that religion, we can’t go to church!’ but she insisted. We went and during the church service visitors were asked to stand. They welcomed us and handed my mother an envelope! My mom’s knees began to shake. She sat down and she started bawling. Inside the envelope was a New Testament and a ‘JESUS’ film. She just sat there in tears. Once we were home, she watched the video many times. She locked herself in a room for a week. When she came out, mom was transformed. Later, all of us came to know the Lord!”

Today, Mike leads one of the premier Christian television ministries that is reaching all of Iran, via satellite. Tens of thousands have come to Christ. And it began with a dream, a New Testament, and a copy of the film “JESUS.”